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Trucking Insurance

A crucial part of a career on the road is making sure that you have trucking insurance.  There are many type of trucking insurance policies available, but one of the most important out there is liability insurance.  Here is a look at some of the different types of insurance options and what you need to look for.

Primary Liability Insurancewpictruck1

To stay legal while on the road, you will need primary trucking liability insurance as a minimum.

This type of trucking insurance covers the injuries and damage that would occur to the other driver and their vehicle in an accident.

As a truck driver, your primary liability insurance must be at least $750,000 worth of coverage.  What that means is if you are in an accident, your insurance will cover up to $750,000 of damage or injury to the other person and their vehicle if it is found that you were at fault.

Keep in mind that if you are found at fault for more than this amount, the other party’s lawyer may go after your personal wages and savings.  Because of this, when you are shopping for trucking insurance, you might want to consider more than primary trucking liability insurance.  Also trucking liability insurance will not cover you or your vehicle in an accident.

General liability insurance

This type of trucking insurance covers your truck when you are not on the road.  General trucking liability insurance covers accidents in parking lots, rest stops, and while loading or unloading.  It can also cover risks like theft and vandalism.

The type of trucking insurance may come as one general package or several smaller ones.  Talk to your trucking insurance company about the types of general trucking liability insurance that they offer to see what will cover you and your truck the best.

Non-trucking liability insurance

While you are on the road, your truck is covered by the company that you are working for.  However, during your off times when your truck is parked in your driveway, you are responsible for the trucking insurance.  This type of trucking liability insurance protects your truck whenever you are not working.

The law and trucking liability insurance

When shopping for trucking liability insurance, it is important to keep in mind what your legal requirements are.  Trucking insurance is mandatory in all 50 states, and not having proper insurance could cost you pricey fines or your license.  It is a way for the state to protect drivers when they are in an accident, and also protects the driver of the at-fault vehicle from having to use personal property to cover the damages that they are responsible for.

When you are shopping for truck liability insurance, you will want to make sure that you meet the legal insurance requirements put out by the ICC/MC Authority.  If you are confused, you should talk to your insurance agent or your local DOT representative to make sure that you have enough liability coverage for your vehicle.

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