What to do: Auto Accident

For Auto Accidents

  • Check for Injuries
    If anyone is injured, immediately render any possible first aid assistance and call emergency services.
  • Call The Police
    Report the accident to the nearest police station and file any necessary reports.  Always cooperate fully with the police, but do not make any admissions about your liability.  Do not sign any statements for anyone other than an authorized representative of your insurance company.
  • Gather As Much Information As Possible
    Exchange names, addresses, license and insurance information with the  other driver(s) involved.
    Also record the following information:

    • Date, time and place of the accident
    • Name and address of owner of the other vehicle (if different than the driver).
    • Names and addresses of passengers and witnesses.
    • Take photos of all damaged property and vehicles.
  • Do not Discuss Details
    Do not discuss the details of the accident with anyone but the investigating police officer.
  • File Your Claim
    Contact your insurance company asap to set your claim in motion. (Click this link to find your company) .  They must discuss the claim details with you to move forward in handling of your claim.