Christy Osborne


Christy Osborne and I became friends during high school in the 80″s, when music was at it’s best!!!

She was a majorette and I was a cheerleader. We may not have always hung out in the same circles but we made it through the “mean girl” stage and still remain close friends to this day.

In 1993, I hired Christy to work for me while I was on maturity leave.  I truly believe, it was the beginning of her destiny to become an insurance agent with my agency.

Christy’s middle name should be “Sunshine!” She is always smiling brightly,  speaking words of encouragement,  spreading words of… Faith, Hope and Love! She is very giving of her time by volunteering for her church and community and always lends a helping hand to others in need.  She is simply the epitome of a Good Hearted Woman!

Christy has many strengths but one of my favorites, is her “one-liners.”  She keeps me smiling big daily.  She knows how to “listen” to make customers feel welcome in the agency.  People genuinely love her and accept her nurturing personality!

Christy is extremely motivated in keeping customers happy.  She begins and ends her day gleaming with pride knowing, she will work hard to be A Choice Above for all your insurance needs!!!

Christy is married to Mitch Osborne and they have 2 sons, Clay and Bradley. I’m thankful to call her friend but I’m blessed to call her family!!

Contact Christy Osborne:                                                                                                                    (256)586-2442 or (256)747-5432